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Legal Services

Our experts will give consultations, as well as will help in finding the preferable solution regarding the topical problems. Our lawyers are specialized and render consultations in the following fields of activity:

  • Elaboration and legal appraisal by experts of any type of treaties, contracts and agreements;
  • Elaboration and legal appraisal by experts of any type of documents proceeding from non-fulfilled obligations on an agreement or on any other obligations (claims, writs, complaints);
  • Preparation and submission of necessary documents to legal bodies of the Latvian Republic;
  • Representation of customers’ interests in the court institutions of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Co-operation in the fulfillment of the legal body decision (seizing property, auction, etc.);
  • Holding negotiations on behalf of a customer on any type of agreements;
  • Consulting customers on the following issues: contract law, labour law, financial-credit and tax legislation, family law, relations with insurance companies;
  • Development of treaties of marriage and registration in the corresponding Registry Office.
  • Law securing when accessing the inheritance.

The quality of services rendered is guaranteed by a team of qualified lawyers, who are able to offer a complex solution of the problem. If necessary, we provide the customers with the services of a sworn interpreter / notary /lawyer /court of arbitration.