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Immovable property

Legal services of real estate transaction of all kinds:

  • Preparation of necessary documents for execution of any real estate transactions (real estate purchase, selling, presentation, inheritance, mortgage, as well as mutual relations of joint owners), which are substantially more complicated than other property transactions, their implementation is more complicated and takes more time, as well as the amount of transactions are considerable, that is why the help of qualified lawyers id especially y needed) ;
  • Legal expertise of documents of legal decision of real estate property;
  • Providing the notarial services in any real estate transactions;
  • Representation of customers’ interests in the Land Book, the State Land Service (in any department of the Republic of Latvia);
  • Collaboration in the real estate objects’ registration in the Land Book;
  • Providing measures for real estate property appraisal, for land areas allocation, for putting into operation the objects etc.
  • Execution of residential area exchange;
  • Negotiations on behalf of customers with the real estate property transactions;
  • Providing consultations to customers on the above-mentioned issues.