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Accountancy Services and Tax Solutions

We offer accountancy services to small-scale and medium-scale enterprises.We provide monthly accountancy service, perform single tasks, give consultations.

We offer:

  • preparation, submission of all necessary accountancy reports and representation of customer in the State Revenue Service and other public institutions
  • calculation of payments provided by law and monthly payments connected with business, like state social insurance mandatory payments, personal income tax, company risk state fee etc.;
  • composition of the annual reports with appendices;
  • composition of operative balance sheet and directions;
  • consultations necessary in the fields of tax legislation and accountancy.

Single Services:

  • Tax consultations;
  • Composition of annual report;
  • Internal audit. It contains an objective control of the auditor, the aim of which is to provide the evaluation of independent process, systems or other linked issues;
  • Optimization of tax payments for physical persons;
  • Representation of customers in relations with the State Revenue Service;
  • Preparation of complaint regarding the decisions of the State Revenue Service;
  • Representation of customer’s interests in the court proceedings;

Monthly Bookkeeping:

  • Performing of computerized, obvious and systematized enterprise accountancy;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Cash registration;
  • Reports to the State Revenue Service, Statistics Board, Excise Goods Board and other public institutions;
  • Reports necessary for the board, the owners;
  • Cash flow, balance sheet.