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Complete Legal Attendance


Our company provides full law service of its customers on the basis of subscriber's contract. Having become our subscriber, a customer receives efficient support of his business on all the range of the arising problems, be it urgent consultation, keeping law documentation or representation of a customer's interests. Subscriber's service is convenient both for small companies (that do not have a lawyer on staff) and for big holdings (that have a law department). A small company receives a qualitative and efficient service for money insufficient for keeping a qualified lawyer. A big company is satisfied by a maximally broad range of services rendered, independence of a consultant and "transparency" of expenses on law services (a monthly account).

Our company has a flexible price policy, which allows getting maximal quality of service at an optimal price. Having chosen one of the four tariff plans on service by subscription, a customer defines the amount of discount allowing him to optimize his expenses on law and accountancy service.

Prices on subscriber's service depending on the chosen plan

   Name of plan Price in lats* Discount
1. “Minimal” plan 35 20 %
2. “Economical” plan 50 25 %
3. “Optimal” plan 100 30 %
4. «Business» plan 200 35 %
* - VAT not included