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Law company “INTERLEX” Ltd. was registered on 15 September 1994.

This is a specialized Law company with 15 years’ work experience in the market, as well as our company is in the top twenty of companies in Latvia. Our company is the largest Law Company in the Latgale region. We render Law services since the first day of the company’s existence: Law and accountancy services being the first type of services we offered to our first customers. With the time the company’s staff members have achieved excellent quality of service on broad range of services.

Our company has got considerable experience in rendering law services connected with the privatizing of state and municipality sites, and especially valuable is the experience in reorganization, liquidation and administration of various enterprises.

Numerous enterprises use the services of “INTERLEX” law consultants and accountants in their further work also after the registration of their enterprises in the Latvian Republic (LR) Commercial Register. Some of them have made permanent contracts for service, and the “INTERLEX” company renders them necessary assistance in their business activity both in the form of concrete decisions and in the form of consultations. We work with each client individually and we can guarantee an honest and professional approach to solving the set tasks. We ensure high professionalism and qualified treatment of each concrete transaction.

Physical personas are also our customers. The closest collaboration with them proceeds in the sphere of legal proceedings, regarding the issues of revenue avowal, tax consultation rendering, as well as in the sphere of inheritance issues solution.

Since 1995 Law Company “INTERLEX” has actively participated in various competitions on rendering law services organized by state and municipalities.

In 1995 Law Company “INTERLEX” won the competition held by State-Stock Company “Privatization Agency” on rendering services on the privatization of state and municipality sites.

In 1998 Law Company “INTERLEX” won the competition held by State-Stock Company “Privatization Agency” on preparing immovable property to privatization and entering it into Land Register on the name of state in the person of Privatization Agency.

In 2001 Law company “INTERLEX” took part in the open auction announced by the LR Enterprise Register and was granted the right to perform the functions of administrator and/or liquidator of enterprises/enterprising societies in the process of liquidation and insolvency.

The Law company “INTERLEX” is constantly publishing articles on the topical law problems in such well-known mass media of Latvia as the newspapers “Business and the Baltic” («Бизнес и Балтия»), “The Baltic Commercial” («Коммерсант Балтик»), “Region Capital” («Капитал Регион»).

If you become our client, you will be able to optimize your expenses on law services, to realize the idea cherished for a long time, to achieve the legal regulation in your affairs and to get a feeling of safety in your business.

Our business partners are such state and municipality structures as Immovable Property Agency, State-Stock Company “Privatization Agency”, LR Enterprise Register, The Daugavpils Region Municipality, The Daugavpils City Municipality.

Our aim is to fully meet the needs of our customers and to render services to them with the maximal degree of our responsibility.